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Professional Psychological Solutions (PPS) was formed for the expressed purpose of providing clients with a number of all-encompassing psychological solutions and strategies.  The principal partners of PPS drew on their experiences from within the public school system to ascertain the need for an independent source of educational assessments.  It was apparent that parents, students, and Independent School Districts (ISDs) were both overwhelmed and short-handed when it came to rapidly and efficiently handling the ever-increasing case load of special needs students.

In addition, numerous articles appearing in both professional and popular media indicated that many special needs students were not being adequately prepared for life after school despite the mandates of IDEA 2004.  This “transition” mandate was often non-existent or being minimally addressed at many public schools.  PPS decided to offer a unique approach to an ever-growing problem.  From this need arose both the “PPS Transition program” and the PPS Special Education Advocacy Program.

As investigation into the employment requirements of special needs students unfolded, PPS also determined that potential problems involving the “Baby Boomer” generation also presented excellent opportunities for additional psychological solutions.  This led to the creation and formulation of a program to aid in the adjustment to retirement and ability to increase satisfaction from retirement.

Professional Psychological Solutions is committed to providing the most current assessments, the most current development of IEPs, and the most current information regarding employment and retirement.







The Importance of Differentiation

- “Hands on experience” from both an assessment and an IEP implementation process

- Extensive experience in ARD attendance and IEP development

- Extensive “real world” business experience in both the human resource area and the profit arena.

- Actual experience in both the hiring and termination of employees.

- Focus on individual personal accomplishment/achievement versus a public school compliance model that satisfies the minimum aspects of federal law.

- Bilingual abilities that span language and cultural aspects of assessment.

- Use of the most current and appropriate assessment instruments.

- Emphasis on family solutions/support issues to disabilities versus simple “labeling”

- Holistic approach to disability issues that spans from diagnosis to various transitional activities.



Contact us:

Patrick M. Martin, Ph.D.
Office: 214-537-5943


Sylvia G. Garza, Ph.D., LSSP, NCSP
Licensed Psychologist
Office: 469-323-5037